Bounty Management & Distribution

After a close investigation of the traditional way of bounty programs, ICOtonin has realized the lack of automation in the traditional way as a crucial problem. In the traditional way, applications to the bounty program are done by a form submission, e.g. Google forms, and tracking of bounty program participants are all done by hand. This kind of approach was widespread through the preindustrial age. However, ICOtonin proposes a fully functional, fully automated, yet simple solution to this problem. We have established our bounty system via our bounty portal, a standalone software where a host(bounty program creator) can create their own personalized bounty programs. After the creation of the bounty program, application for bounty program becomes available for the participants and their progress are tracked fully automatically by our tracking bots.

Community Management

Community management is another crucial aspect of an ICO. The ICO is responsible for providing fast and accessible information for its community to conduct a successful ICO. Moreover, enlargement of the community size is also needed for further success. Because of the human nature, the initial growth of communities is exponential. This implies that a successful ICO needs a strong kick-start to form a powerful community and when the community growth reaches its equilibrium, the ICO must be able to maintain this equilibrium. To have a strong kick-start, the ICO needs to be well-advertised and to maintain the equilibrium, the ICO needs to supply fast, accessible and understandable information to its community via online channels, e.g. Telegram. With its professional team of community managers, ICOtonin promises to provide community management service by the means of strong advertisement connections and full-time active community managers. Furthermore, one of the features of our telegram bot-tracker is being able to make announcements triggered by the updates of the host.

SEO & Web Design

The website is the first impression of a foundation to its audience. With a well-structured and cleanly designed website, the foundation can draw the attention of the visitors and gain trust via honest information which creates potential investors. Moreover, search engine optimization(SEO) of the website plays the crucial role to reach to a wider public. Basically, SEO is the process of making the website more readable for the search engines and higher readability results in higher indexing rates which lead to higher positions on search engine listings, e.g. Google search. ICOtonin proposes to design the website and provide SEO services to its costumers by adapting the modern web design paradigm and up-to-date SEO methods with its professional web design & SEO team.